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Managed Marketing: The Website conducts email campaigns, marketing and exposure to its end user clients. Over 22 000 end user decision makers in mining companies around the world. Constantly developed and updated. Managed marketing includes:

MPE Loads the equipment, provided by the Owner, (pictures, Videos, and detailed description)

MPE advertises, manages the vetting of potential clients, Quotes and provides for the Invoicing and collection of funds. The Standard Fee is 5% off the Reserve Price set on the site by the owner.

(Note we reserve the right to sell it for more)


Managed On site Marketing

MPE provides 240 000 m2 of storage space on its primary leased office space in Johannesburg. 24 Hour Security, Regular Client visits

5 % of the reserve price Is the standard fee

Rent free for first 24 months

(Note we reserve the right to sell it for more)

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